My production company,Outside Productions Inc., has produced DVD editions, as well as vhs copies, and also handles the rights for licensing, distribution and sales. So far the titles are:

“Making Differences - the films”, a box set with two dvd´s and more than three hours of films
To see the Making differences site:

“Snow white and the Ambassador” (Swedish title: “Vem är rädd för konsten?“), 54 mins (official selection at IDFA, Amsterdam, Documenta, Madrid, 2004 and several other film festivals

“Painting Pol Pot”, “Hashima-lost island”, “Think of me as you will“ and “Painting Kadhaffi” (four film edition, total c:a one and a half hour.

“HASHIMA, JAPAN, 2002” (with CM von Hausswolff), 30 mins installation, concert version

If you wish to inquire about antyhing concerning these films, or find out how to buy copies of them (most of the shorter ones also exist as MPG 4 files and can be transferred), as well as getting more information,or to order a free showreel of my work, please contact me directly at

“Snow white and the Ambassador” is also distributed by the Swedish film Institute:
Svenska filminstitutet