I have just returned home from Minsk, Belarus, where I have been meeting some of the most brave, wonderful people I have ever met. I will return to my trip, and write more about them individually in about a week, because I am busy editing together a music video for the band N.R.M, that I hope will be done soon, to be on their web page.
Until then I would like to encourage everybody who might read this to take an active interest in what´s going on with Belarus, and to extend their support, in whatever way they can - for these people are risking their lives and freedom, working for a better future.
There is a lot you can do - for instance encourage whatever contacts you have, journalists, diplomats, friends and others, to take an active interest in the ongoing activities of the opposition. There is no way that the people of Belarus will ever let this current dictatorship go on, but it is very hard to change things without feeling the support of the outside world. It is ironic and strange that a country in the middle of Europe should be so isolated, but I have found it indeed to be sadly true - they need all the help they can get, and anybody who can write an article, make a couple of phone calls, or express their support by talking to people about it, will be helping.
There are great bands, fantastic undergound theatre, good writers and magnificient artists in this country, and abybody who can, with their contacts, make it possible for them to come here and show their work, will also have contributed to change in Belarus, increment by increment.
Until then, I will try and finish this video as soon as possible and continue to write about Belarus here later.

Thomas Nordanstad