Thomas Nordanstad Born in Gothenburg, Sweden. Lives in Stockholm, Sweden and in Bangkok, Thailand.

After studying classical and electronic music in Barcelona and London, he opened his first art gallery at the age of eighteen, Excess Gallery, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In 1984 he met Theodor Ahrenberg, one of the world's largest art collectors and worked for him as curator and acquirer to the collection.

During 1984 - 87 Nordanstad organized exhibitions in Lausanne, Helsinki and Stockholm for Ahrenberg, as well as working with French Ministry of Culture's Jack Lang on an exhibition featuring 84 artists around the artists-area Bastille in Paris.

Opening a new gallery with partner Per Skarstedt in 1987, Nordanstad-Skarstedt Gallery quickly became the meeting place and representative of the young art scene in Sweden during the late eighties. The gallery focused on the new art of the 80's and introduced on the gallery scene artists like Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons and Barbara Kruger, Martin Kippenberger and Jenny Holzer.

In 1989 Thomas Nordanstad co-founded, with friend Fredrik Hårleman, and edited the art magazine MATERIAL, for ten years Sweden's leading printed forum for contemporary art

In 1991 Thomas Nordanstad left Sweden to open his own gallery in New York, located in Soho. The following year Nordanstad also took part of an initiative to start Stockholm SMART show on Djurgården, an alternative to the art fair in Sollentuna.

1992 -97 Nordanstad curated exhibitions in and outside his gallery of young, contemporary American, European and Asian artists. The exhibitions took place in, apart from in the gallery: San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, USA , Sao Paolo, Brazil, Guadalajara, Mexico, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Cologne, Germany, Madrid, Spain, Hamburg, Germany, Geneva, Switzerland, Cape Town, South Africa and Paris, France., among other places. More than 120 exhibitions have been organized by Thomas Nordanstad Gallery, New York.

1993 he took part in organizing the events around the "Nordic Poetry Festival", at Cooper Union, New York, with more than 50 Scandinavian authors and poets.

1994 Nordanstad curated and organized "Red Cuts" and exhibition of video, film and installation-art at MODERNA MUSEET, Stockholm.

1995 he organized a touring exhibition of the work of Öyvind Fahlsltröm, which went to France, USA, Sweden, Germany and Spain. One of the shows, at the Centre Cultural Suedoise, Paris, was done in collaboration with Mr. Pontus Hulten.

1995 Nordanstad also part-organized events and exhibitions in "Ingmar Bergman Festival" in New York, where he held several exhibitions including "A tribute to Ingmar Bergman", visited by 4000 people.

1996 he organized the making of the documentary "You Can't get the from Here", and co-directed it with Alex Hartnett, about New York's art and underground culture. The film won an award in New Haven film festival, Connecticut. He also organized, together with Norwegian, Swedish and Danish consulates in New York, several group exhibitions of young Scandinavian art and music.

1996 Nordanstad partook in the organization and selection process of an exhibition of contemporary Venezuelan and American artists, first at Centro Contemporaneo del Artes in Caracas, Venezuela, then at Cooper Union, New York. This year he also worked with a school in Guatemala City, teaching and leading workshops, resulting in more than 400 murals all over Guatemala City.

1998 Nordanstad worked on a series of exhibitions coinciding with Stockholm being "Cultural Capital of Europe" as well as organizing all art related events at Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm since 1994. Since 1993 Nordanstad has done more than 70 exhibitions at Lydmar Hotel.

The same year, "Lucia A go-go" was organised by Nordanstad, Aris Fioretos and CM von Hauswolff. Sixty poets, artists, musicians, performers and dancers took over Lydmar hotel in a 48 hour "marathon" of festive culture. Notable were the contributions of Marina Abramovic, Freddie Wadling, Jimi Tenor, John Duncan, Paul Auster, John Ashberry and Lucky People Center.

1999 he initiated and organized together with Ingrid Giertz Mårtensson and Ewa Kumlin "Swedish Style in Tokyo" in May. He also was appointed senior curator for "Cities on The Move", a large travelling exhibition, concert-event and seminar, organized in part by the French Cultural Ministry and EC delegations of South East Asia. The exhibition took place in Bangkok in October with 126 artists from 32 countries, exhibiting in 34 places around the city.

In October 2000, "J-Way" was put together by Nordanstad, with more than 60 Japanese artists, musicians, writers, fashion designers, dancers, architects and many other representatives of the young energetic generation of Tokyo, Japan. Again, Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm was the host.

September, 2001, "Swedish Style 2" took place in Tokyo, where Nordanstad again was the art curator, assembling a show of video works at MORI ART CENTER, Roppongi Think Zone

Since the year 2000, Nordanstadīs life has been occupied by the transition from the art world, into filmmaking. He has produced and directed several documentaries (see Film-section), feautered on Swedish National Television, and is currently under way writing scripts for short films and and a drama set in Stockholm, New York and Chicago.
He has also collaborated with artist CM von Hausswolff on a film installation, with material from the island Hashima, in Japan, which has been feautered in galleries and museums in several countries, with music by von Hausswolff.

Lydmar Hotel continues to present art and sound installations, sometime under the curatorship of Nordanstad. Michel Majerus, Nawin Rawanchaikul, Jessica Diamond, Sebastiaan Bremer and Hiroshi Sugimoto have all had exhibition projects with Nordanstad since 2000.

Throughout the years Nordanstad has written several articles in magazines in Sweden, Germany, USA, France and England, as well as lectured at art academies in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam and London, and Yale University, CalArts, Valencia, CA, Stanford, CA, amongst others. He has written several short-stories, as well as organized art-exhibitions in Baltimore, New York, Berlin and Stockholm.

The most recent film directed by Nordanstad is "Anastasia in love", a 20 min short featuring the actress Amanda Ooms.

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